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Relaxing Massage


Swedish Full Body Massage


Experience the benefits of a deep body massage that is customised especially to your needs.  This complete treatment focuses on techniques to reduce tension and soothe sore muscles. It increases circulation to promote total relaxation and restore lost energy.      

75 mins £50


Indian Head Massage   


This relaxing treatment allows you to get all that stress right out of your head.  It starts on the upper shoulders and neck, continuing with a calming yet energising scalp massage focusing on energy points, finishing off with relaxing movements to the ears and face.

 30 mins   £30 

40 mins   £40

50 mins   £45



Hopi Ear Candle Treatment With Facial Pressure Point Massage

This is an holistic treatment which can help reduce sinus problems caused by colds, flu or hayfever, soothes migraines,help reduce buzzing/ringing in the ears and helps to induce a deep state of relaxation.

Dedicated Time: 40 minutes

Price: £41.00

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